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The Superba

(14” Traditional Archtop)

The Superba is my 14”, full scale, archtop guitar with Venetian cutaway. This model has all of the BIG sound of a full sized archtop in a compact package. The combination of the smaller size body and full scale fingerboard make the Superba the perfect gigging instrument for travelling musicians and those preferring smaller bodied guitars. Handcrafted with the finest woods and materials available, The Superba delivers a precise attention to detail and workmanship.


As with all Wilkie guitars, it comes standard with a Floating or Built-in pickup and is offered in 3 different trim packages: (The Professional, The Classic and The Elite). A full list of options and color choices allows for the Superba to be your highly customized companion for wherever the road might take you.

Trim Packages and Pricing:

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