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The Northern Flyer

(16.25” Modern Archtop)

The Northern Flyer is my 16.25” archtop guitar with Modern styled design and appointments. Designed as the perfect modern gigging guitar for professional players and hobbiests alike, this beautifully styled guitar delivers the warm focused tone that jazz players adore. With its 16.25”compact size and full 3’ body depth, The Northern Flyer delivers comfortable playability while maintaining the rich tonal balance of its larger siblings. It is offered with your choice of a Florentine or Venetian Cutaway. As with all Wilkie Stringed Instruments, only the finest woods and materials are used to handcraft this guitar.


Offered in 3 trim packages: (The Professional, The Classic, and The Elite), The Northern Flyer, with its modern styling and attention to detail will take your playing to new heights.

Trim Packages and Pricing:

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