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La Petite Fleur.jpg

La Petit Fleur

(15” Oval Hole Non-Cutaway Archtop)

The Petite Fleur is my 15” Non-Cutaway archtop guitar. This model is a favorite amongst finger stylists and gypsy jazz players alike. A smaller relative to the Oracle model, The Petite Fleur packs all of the BIG volume and tone that you would expect from a full size archtop. Handcrafted with only the finest woods and materials available, this little powerhouse delivers all of the comfort and attention to detail that you can expect from all Wilkie Stringed Instruments. The Petite Fleur comes standard with a Floating or Built in pickup or can be made into totally Acoustic instrument.


It is offered in 3 different trim packages: (The Professional, The Classic, and The Elite). This, along with many available options and finish choices allows the Petite Fleur to be the customized instrument that will inspire your music to blossom.

Trim Packages and Pricing:

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