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Among the finest artisans I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

- Bob Benedetto, founder Benedetto Guitars

My #1 out of all the guitars I own.

- Ed Cherry, Jazz guitarist and educator


Your name will go down in history along side D’Angelico and D’Aquisto, of this I am sure.

- Tony DeCaprio, Jazz guitarist and educator

What a marvellous instrument! The sound, the touch – lightening fast action – easily the finest guitar I have ever owned!

- Davis Joachim, guitarist with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra under Charles Dutoit


Wyatt is a master. I am in love with this guitar!

- Faton Macula, Jazz guitarist

You are the Lloyd Loar of our time.

- Martin Taylor, Director, Australian Guitar Making School

Your genius has no limits!

- Felipe Ibanez, artist

I am blown away by this guitar! It's perfect for what I want and need. The sound jumps right out of the box.... Playing this ‘Special 15’ is just so easy and effortless.

- Maxim Cormier, Guitarist, Composer, Producer

Wow! Splendid instrument. The tone is unmatched and the volume that comes sweetly out of the bowels of this beast is incredible. A true gem. Thanks so much.

- John C.

I’ve owned probably 50 guitars in the 30 years I’ve been playing. I’ve never played anything close to this one. (Sound, feel, looks, even the smell lol) I play 20’s-40’s music mostly and this perfect!

- Bob M.

While I knew that your "Paramount" guitar would be a superior instrument, I am delighted that it is even better than I imagined. I love the beautiful finish and it indeed reflects the "violin qualities" of the design, resonance, and general "presence" manifested by this very fine guitar.

- Paige M.

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