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Classic Oracle 3.jpg

The Oracle

(17” Oval Hole Archtop)

The Oracle model is my 17” Oval Hole archtop guitar. The Oval hole design bridges the gap between the warm focused sound of a traditional F Hole instrument and the open brilliant sound of a Flattop guitar. A favorite amongst finger stylists and jazzers alike, The Oracle archtop is totally at home functioning as a fully acoustic instrument or can be fitted with a Floating or Built in pickup. It comes standard with your choice of a Florentine or Venetian Cutaway and is handcrafted using only the finest woods and materials available.


As with all Wilkie archtops, The Oracle is offered in 3 different trim packages: (The Professional, The Classic and The Elite). This allows the Oracle model to be the customized Oval Hole archtop guitar of your dreams.

Trim Packages and Pricing:

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