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Prima Elitee Orig 7 retouched_edited.jpg

The Prima

(16.25 Traditional Archtop)

The Prima model is my 16.25” traditionally designed and appointed archtop guitar. A favorite amongst professional players due to its compact size and ease of playability, the Prima delivers all of the round focused tone that jazz guitarists and enthusiasts love. The 16.25” body width enhances the Prima’s soundboard vibration and bass response making it as acoustically responsive as its larger siblings. Handcrafted using only the finest materials available, this instrument is offered in 3
different trim packages: (The Professional, The Classic and The Elite). As with all 16.25”, 17”, and 18” Wilkie guitars, this model is offered standard with your choice of Venetian cutaway or Florentine Cutaway and with your choice of a Floating or Built In pickup configuration. The Prima is the first choice for guitarists seeking the tonal richness of a large bodied archtop combined with the comfort of sleek design.

Trim Packages and Pricing:

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