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Vanguard Custom 2.jpg

The Vanguard

(15” Modern Archtop)

The Vanguard model is my 15” archtop guitar. This instrument is offered standard with modern styled appointments and details. If you are a player who likes BIG tone in a compact package, then this is the perfect guitar for you. Designed for the traveling musician or for tight performance spaces, The Vanguard has all of the warm focus and acoustical projection of its larger siblings. Handcrafted using only the finest materials and woods available, this instrument delivers an unsurpassed level of attention to detail and workmanship. The Vanguard comes standard with a French style cutaway, which allows for easy access to the upper range of the guitar.


It is offered in 3 different trim packages: (The Professional, The Classic, and The Elite) and is available standard with a Floating or Built in Pickup. With its compact size and sleek design, The Vanguard is the perfect instrument to meet the needs of the modern guitarist.

Trim Packages and Pricing:

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