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Stringed Instruments

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The Oracle

17” Oval Hole Archtop

The Oracle model is my 17” Oval Hole archtop guitar. The Oval hole design bridges the gap between the warm focused sound of a traditional F Hole instrument and the open brilliant sound of a Flattop guitar. A favorite amongst finger stylists and jazzers alike, The Oracle archtop is totally at home functioning as a fully acoustic instrument or can be fitted with a Floating or Built in pickup.

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The Prima

16.25 Traditional Archtop

The Prima model is my 16.25” traditionally designed and appointed archtop guitar. A favorite amongst professional players due to its compact size and ease of playability, the Prima delivers all of the round focused tone that jazz guitarists and enthusiasts love. The 16.25” body width enhances the Prima’s soundboard vibration and bass response making it as acoustically responsive as its larger siblings.

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Northern-Flyer-682x1024 2.jpg
Northern-Flyer-682x1024 2.jpg

The Vanguard

15” Modern Archtop

The Vanguard model is my 15” archtop guitar. This instrument is offered standard with modern styled appointments and details. If you are a player who likes BIG tone in a compact package, then this is the perfect guitar for you. It has been designed for the traveling musician or for tight performance spaces.

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The Journeyman

14” Traditional Archtop

The Journeyman is my 14”, full scale, archtop guitar with Venetian cutaway. This model has all of the BIG sound of a full sized archtop in a compact package. The combination of the smaller size body and full scale fingerboard make the Journeyman the perfect gigging instrument for travelling musicians and those preferring smaller bodied guitars.

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